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2 Months Without My CNC Hair

  30.03.2018   prodigymulti   Uncategorized

This article is about a topic I had hoped I would not have to write about ever again. After eight wonderful months of enjoying my luscious locks courtesy of the

An Interview with a Salon Juan Client

  28.02.2018   prodigymulti   Uncategorized

I had the great pleasure of having my Cesare Ragazzi rebonded (removed, cleaned and reattached) at the same time as another client at Prodigy Hair Studio. It was great to

Making the Decision: A Guy’s Guide to Great Hair PT.4

  28.02.2018   prodigymulti   Uncategorized

I use to go to the gym and play sports regularly. But after first getting my hair system, I grew a bit weary of engaging in these sweaty activities thinning

Making the Decision: A Guy’s Guide to Great Hair PT.3

  28.02.2018   prodigymulti   Uncategorized

7 days into getting my second bond, I noticed the perimeter of my hair system peeling off. I was 2 weeks away from my next re-bond appointment and worried my

Making the Decision: A Guys Guide to Great Hair Pt.2

  28.02.2018   prodigymulti   Uncategorized

I ran through so many different scenarios of how family and friends would react about my new head full of hair. Individually, I was extremely excited and confident to embrace

Making the Decision: A Guys Guide to Great Hair Pt.1

  3.01.2018   prodigymulti   Uncategorized

One of our favorite clients Aadit offers us a look on how he made the decision to step into 2018 with a new spring in his step. Looking in the

Ms J’s Blog №3: Day To Day Life With a Cesare Ragazzi

  4.12.2017   prodigymulti   Uncategorized

We’ve been following Ms. J’s Cesare Ragazzi journey from consultation to application. This week we reconnect with her after a few months with her new system to get a look

Ms. J’s Blog №2: The Fitting (Meeting JLo)

  21.11.2017   prodigymulti   Uncategorized

In her latest blog “Ms. J” gives us a look into the next step of her Cesare Ragazzi journey; the fitting and application. I was beyond excited for the day

Essentially Erika №1: From Discovery to Invincibility

  1.11.2017   prodigymulti   Uncategorized

Alopecia Totalis affects 1 in 250,000 women. Finding answers and support can be a arduous journey, but it’s not one you’ll face alone. In our latest blog series our friend

Ms. J’s Blog №1: My Consultation at Salon Juan

  9.10.2017   prodigymulti   Uncategorized

In the first blog of her series, one of our favorite clients “Ms. J” takes us on her journey of purchasing a Cesare Ragazzi hair system. Lying on the couch