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An Interview with a Salon Juan Client

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I had the great pleasure of having my Cesare Ragazzi rebonded (removed, cleaned and reattached) at the same time as another client at Prodigy Hair Studio. It was great to swap notes and ask her some questions about her experience with the hair system. So I jumped on the opportunity and asked her for her honest feedback.

Tell Me About Your Hair Loss
I started losing my hair at around 29 and for the last year (I’m now 30) it has become so bad that I realized that I needed to take action. Feeling confident and looking good for my job is important and being a young professional women, it really started to affect my confidence.

How Did You feel About Losing Your Hair?
In one word. Sad. I felt sad. I still feel sad. It was terrifying to see my hair falling out at such a young age. I felt less feminine and depressed. It affected my confidence and I am in a relationship and it was a source of insecurity for me

How Did You Find Prodigy Hair Studio?
I spent around $10,000 over the last year on treatments that just left me disappointed and worried that nothing was going to work. I eventually ended up at a wig specialist and she referred me to Prodigy Hair Studio. I had been wearing toppers and it made me anxious and they were uncomfortable and I was unable to fully participate in all the activities I wanted to participate in. I probably know more about hair loss and treatments than most doctors! I researched everything intensely.

How Did You Feel About Visiting The Salon?
Anxious. I had invested around $10,000 on treatments and $1000 on supplemental hair and was worried that this might be another solution that may not work for me. But I was also willing to try anything. It was such a problem for me, that at this point I felt I needed to try everything to find a solution.

What Has Your Experience Been Like with the CNC?
First of all. Juan and Robin here at the salon are amazing. I love coming to the salon. I fly in from San Diego every month to have them rebond my system because they are so great. They make me feel completely at ease about wearing a hair system and normalize the experience. I have tried other places closer to home to have it rebonded and it was not a good experience. So here I am.

I love wearing this Cesare Ragazzi. I love waking up and not worrying about what the back of my head looks like. It looks fantastic. It’s a full head of hair. It feels like my hair. It has changed my life.

I know it is a monetary investment and it is a commitment to have it maintained. But i don’t feel helpless anymore and that is worth so much more to me.
I used to dread taking showers. Now I love taking showers because it’s not stressful. Plus I don’t have to wash my hair every day. That’s a huge plus.

Did Anyone Notice Your New Hair?
No one! Not even my fiancé. He still doesn’t know! I like that about the system because I feel it gives me a sense of privacy. I’m just out there swishing my fabulous hair around and no one knows any different.

Any Advice For Anyone Experiencing Hair Loss?
You’re not alone. There is an army of us out there experiencing the same thing and having the same doubts and fears you are experiencing right now. But there is hope and this is one solution that you should consider!

If you are suffering from hair loss, I urge you to contact Prodigy Hair Studio and chat about your options make an appointment and discuss how they can help you.