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Hair Loss Solutions

We are experts in hair loss and thinning hair solutions
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Styling and fuller hair solutions

Styling for thinning hair

We are experts in thinning and problem hair. Let us show you how specific cuts and color, outstanding hair products, scalp care and illusion styling can give you a fuller look.

Fuller hair solutions

Fuller hair can be achieved in many ways, including partial hair replacement systems such as extensions and toppers. We offer hair replacement systems from Cesare Ragazzi as well as custom designs created by Prodigy Hair Studio.


Hair loss solutions for men and women

Prodigy Hair Studio offers the most advanced non-surgical men’s and women’s hair restoration services on the market today. We work with each individual to create custom hair replacement systems that adhere to the scalp seamlessly and last for weeks. Our clients are able to continue with all their regular activities, including working out and swimming.

We also offer scalp care solutions to help invigorate and revitalize your scalp to stimulate hair growth.

Transgender hair solutions

Prodigy Hair Studio welcomes the transgender community to our salon for consultations in creating a new look. We provide a private, supportive and enthusiastic setting in which to discuss the new look you are heading toward and how to get there.


Hair solutions for children

At Prodigy Hair Studio we are committed to helping children who are experiencing hair loss for any reason. We offer simple, versatile styles and can custom design your child’s piece in order to offer a comfortable and naturally youthful look. We are proud to offer the Follea Gripper Kids line which is designed to keep up with active kids.

Scalp care

Trichology is the study of scalp and hair health. Because hair loss problems start at the root, we offer our clients scalp care regimens and products to help stimulate hair growth and keep the scalp healthy.

Prodigy Hair Studio is a certified Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories consultant and the only authorized Cesare Ragazzi salon in the Pacific Northwest. We offer the CRLab hair loss line of products and services to treat thinning hair and hair loss where it begins.

Our trichology solutions address many scalp concerns:

  • Dryness and dandruff
  • Sebum (overproduction of oil on scalp) regulation
  • pH balance regulation
  • Skin irritation, especially critical if you wear a hair replacement system