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Making the Decision: A Guys Guide to Great Hair Pt.2

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I ran through so many different scenarios of how family and friends would react about my new head full of hair. Individually, I was extremely excited and confident to embrace the change since I no longer would have to stand in the mirror and dreadfully see my hair thinning away. However, I was still nervous about what others would think and how their opinion would impact my self esteem.

My biggest fear was people calling out the significant change in the appearance of my hair and questioning how I went from a head of thinning hair to a head full of hair. I grew more nervous when I couldn’t formulate a response to these anticipated questions – I began to funnel through a series of lies I could tell to cover the truth. Soon enough, the hair solution I believed would relieve me of stress started to create new stress, which I later discovered to be self-created.

It’s been 1 month since I received my CNC hair system. Finally facing family and friends and receiving their comments can be nerve-wrecking. I’ve learned to deal with them in a positive, stress-free manner and would like to share them with you:

  1. Confidence is Key – others tend to poke at our self-esteem when we give them the opportunity to do so. Being confident in your appearance and changes will not only make you feel more comfortable internally, but will shy off others from making any unwarranted comments negative comments about your new hairstyle. Plus you’ll look amazing with your CNC hair system, show it off!
  2. Own the Change – depending on the severity of your thinning hair, people will be able to tell you’ve got something done. There’s a plethora of lies you can tell (steroid shots, rogaine, prospecia, natural remedies, etc) that you’ll need to keep up with – it’s an endless wormhole you do not want to enter. Instead, own the change and tell people you got the CNC hair system! This will boost your confidence and avoid a worrisome trail of lies. Also, remember you’re not the one going through hair loss. A significant portion of the population is suffering from the same thing, and solutions like CNC are becoming more common, so don’t worry about the old-school stigma about hair replacements.
  3. Earlier the Better – often times hair loss is a perpetual issue that can not be reversed. This was true for my case, but I realized this during the early stages of hair thinning. I had enough hair that was long enough to cover the thinning areas, but I knew that wouldn’t be the case in the near future. To mitigate a radical transformation in my appearance, I decided to get CNC early on. I felt the transition was much smoother as most of my family friends just though I had gotten a haircut / new hair style. If you’re at a later stage of hair loss, don’t worry and just follow my first 2 learnings 🙂

1 month in, I’m really happy with my CNC hair system. If you’re looking to get one as well just remember, stay confident and own the change! You’re going to look great!