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If I have complete hair loss will the CNC work for me?

Absolutely! The CNC is designed to provide full coverage by recreating your hairline and is 3D printed to mold to your scalp. At the time of your cut in you will have baby hairs added to complete the look.

Do you have solutions for temporary medical related hair loss?

Some medications and treatments can cause density and texture changes along with full hair loss. We are happy to help you find a temporary solution.

Can I wear my hair up if I bond a system?

You can absolutely wear your hair up, pulled back in a bun or braid. There are still a lot of styling options available once you bond.

What do I do about my eyebrows?

Permanent eyebrow makeup can help complete your look. Our friend Jennifer Welch is talented and compassionate.

Will I need to shave my head?

Our hair replacement solutions may be attached in many ways, although some clients do choose to shave their head. We attach hair systems using clips, combs, tape and medical-grade adhesives.

What products can I use with my hair system?

Hair systems made with human hair can be washed and conditioned with standard shampoos and conditioners, although we recommend using products free of sulphates and parabens, and with color protection to increase the lifespan of your system and prolong time between color touch-ups. Prodigy Hair Studio also offers washing and styling services, as well as color services.

You can use hairspray and other styling products sparingly, but it is not recommended as product build-up can damage human hair over time by attracting dust and dirt, and can lead to tangling.