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Making the Decision: A Guy’s Guide to Great Hair PT.3

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7 days into getting my second bond, I noticed the perimeter of my hair system peeling off. I was 2 weeks away from my next re-bond appointment and worried my system would come off. Little did I know, this was a false alarm.

The Bond is Strong

First thing to note is that the medical adhesive used on the scalp is really strong! That means, although the sides of your system might lose contact with your scalp, the remainder (middle portion) of the bond will remain intact, ensuring your system won’t fall off before your next appointment (as long as you’re not intentionally damaging your hair).

Hair Growing Under the Bond

In my case, I still had some hair under the system which was continuing to grow. This was one reason why my bond started to fee “loose” because my hair was starting to push the bond up, losing direct contact with the scalp. If you fall in this boat, you’ll also feel your system moving side to side – this might be because since your bond is mostly in contact with your hair follicles, so you’re actually feeling your hair moving side to side of moving the system with your hand. But again, there is no scare that your system will fall off – the bond with your growing hair underneath is still very strong and should hold up the bond until your next appointment.

Body Chemistry

A bond at most should last between 4-6 weeks, but if you’re noticing you need replacements sooner here might be why. First, the oils and chemicals on the scalp differ person to person, meaning the interaction between your scalp “chemistry” and the bond will also differ between each person. One persons chemistry might allow for the bond to stick for the full 6 weeks, while another’s may only allow for 3 weeks. If you’re in the latter boat, there’s nothing wrong with your or the bond – your body simply works differently with the system and you need to adjust your re-bond appointments accordingly.

Which Pick Are You?

There are also different types of bond adhesives (called Picks) you can choose from. Most clients start off with and continue to use Pick A. If your bond does not last as long as you’d like, consult your hair stylist and ask if you can apply more Pick A or even switch to Pick B (a stronger hold). If not done so already, ask your stylist to do a skin patch test to ensure you’re not allergic to Pick B.

Overall, if you feel your bond is going to come off, it’s mostly likely a false alarm :). But to be safe, I always recommend to consult your stylist to understand why the bond is detaching sooner than expected.