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My Hair Loss Journey with Salon Juan

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How did I get to this point of hair loss?
I started to notice my hair loss at fifteen with thinning.  Over the years, I visited specialists at well renowned clinics and got the same answers.  Your blood work is within normal limits. Later on in my early 30s I was finally diagnosed and had an answer to what was going on; however, there was no cure or medication to stop my hair loss.  So I lived with it and just came to the conclusion I was going to be bald eventually.  In my early 40s I met Lisa a wonderful hair stylist that worked with me on the coloring and hair cut that would cover up as much as we could.

Let’s just say if you have never experienced hair loss, you have never experienced what I call the “stare at the bald head”; This is what we, those with hair loss, experience every day.  It eats away at your self- confidence.  I have made the attempt over many years to just let this type of thing slide down my back. A time went on, it was getting more difficult….  This last fall Lisa and Jenny talked to me again about making an appointment for a consultation as I wasn’t just thinning anymore, I had lost my front hairline and had an actual alopecia bald spot.  My Mom talked to Lisa as well, and with all of their encouragement, I called and left a message for Juan.

My Initial Consultation at Prodigy Hair Studio
Juan called me back right away and was able to see me on a Saturday!  Hoorah thank you Juan for accommodating us that need Saturday appointments!  You see I’m from Eastern Washington and Saturdays work perfectly.  I immediately received an email and text confirming my appointment.  My Mom and I arrived for my appointment and we were welcomed into a cozy, very private salon.

I met Juan, Robin, and another very nice young man.  Juan talked with me about my situation and explained what was happening with my hair loss.  He not only explained various solutions, he showed them to me and tried on several different hair solutions.  Follea wigs, lace front handmade toppers, and then the ultimate CNC-Cesare Ragazzi!! OMG beautiful, real virgin, excellent quality, real hair!  We decided that was the one for me!  We made my appointment for my head molding.  I was nervous but also very excited.  Juan, Robin, and the young man let me touch and run my fingers through their very own Cesare Ragazzi. Let me just say, I could not tell it wasn’t their real hair…It was exquisite.

Getting Fitted For My New Hair
We arrived at Juan’s for my head mold appointment.  I was so nervous, but my nervousness was
soon alleviated with Juan’s calming and gentle encouragement.  Eliana from the Cesare Ragazzi
Laboratory in Italy was at Juan’s for the head mold appointment.  What a wonderful experience.

I was treated so warmly and kindly through everything.  Once the molding was
completed, Juan, Eliana, and Robin went over every detail of the piece that they would be
ordering for me.  It would be totally custom made to fit precisely on my scalp and they took
measurements of everything to ensure it would be correct, the color of the piece, and the texture
of my hair, was very detailed.  Juan then washed, conditioned and styled my hair.  We put our
down payment on the piece and now we knew it would be a few months before my new hair
would be ready.  We all hugged as you realize you are not just a customer at Juan’s, you are a
person that matters and are taken care of in a very compassionate way.

Getting My New Hair System
Robin called! My CNC has arrived!!  We made an appointment for the fitting and cut-in.  I let
my Mom and Lisa know the date.  The very special date that I had been waiting for probably 15
years in reality.  On the day of the appointment, we all meet at Juan’s cozy, private salon.  We were immediately
greeted and hugs were exchanged.  I saw my hair on its stand.  I felt nervous, happy, and just
mixed emotions all around.  I sat in Juan’s chair and we talked, he washed and prepared my real
hair. Lisa and my Mom (thank you!) moved closer so they could observe my new adventure.
Lisa took a lot of pictures and documented how Juan prepares my CNC for placing it on my
head. He answered all of our questions and was so patient with all of us.  Juan measured and made the
marks with the help of my head mold which showed exactly where the scalp will match up.  He
places it on my head and presses down to make sure it is secure.  Juan cuts in my new hair topper
and we decide to leave it a bit longer.  When I looked at myself with my new hair, I started to
cry.  My Mom and Lisa were also crying.  Crying for happiness!!  I’m not bald anymore!!  It’s
beautiful!! Juan is my angel and has taken ten years off my age!! Juan is one very exceptionally talented,
compassionate, and just purely special person…… Robin and Juan got me all setup with the
supplies I will need to take care of my bonding, and cleaning of my CNC myself.  We all
celebrate the new me and the talent of Juan! Family and Friends React
My family cannot believe the difference in me and how much happier I am with my CNC
topper.  They love it and let me know it is a success!! I was pretty nervous about revealing my new hair at work, however, everybody was thoroughly
thrilled for me and can’t believe how much younger I look!!

Maintenance of My New Hair
I have put my bread box together.  This is where I keep my supplies.  Every weekend, I take off
my topper, clean and prepare it, measure with the tools I have, and my husband matches it up to
the mark on my forehead. He then pops it over into place and Voila.  I’m ready for the week!  I
have to admit I was freaked out about this at first, but Juan and Robin have given me perfect
directions and answer my emails so quickly that I am very confident in my ability to take care of
my system!  My next goal is to order system #2 and so I am saving my money.  I don’t want to
wait too long, because I can’t go without it now.  It’s me and I’m owning it.

I spent hours researching on the Internet, I have watched every Cesare Ragazzi and Juan video,
I have asked questions, and this is all part of the journey that you will take as well!  Please, let
me with all of my heart encourage you to make an appointment for a consultation with Juan.  It
will be one of the best decisions you ever make in your lifetime.
Juan and Robin Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all that you do!