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Extra credit. How to give zero f#@ks about your hair loss is even better.

There’s nothing quite as humbling as being a woman and having the realization that you are not only experiencing hair loss, but that your hair is noticeable thinning. It can be a wave of emotions ranging from disbelief, to hope, to disappointment, to frustration, to fear and sometimes to despair. There are few woman experiencing hair loss who are able to look in the mirror and immediately be at peace and embrace a thinning scalp. It’s most often a journey of self acceptance. Many of us spend months, sometimes years looking for the right solution. Sometimes spending tens of thousands of dollars in search of medical answers, trying a range of treatments in an attempt to try and regrow hair, experimenting with hair pieces and trial and error. This article is about how to own your hair loss. Some helpful tips and advice on how to move toward a place of acceptance and hopefully a place of giving zero f#@ks about your hair loss!

Caring Less About What Others Think of You

In my opinion there are three different categories of people we interact with.

Those we respect. Those we don’t respect or are neutral. Those we don’t know.

Ask yourself that of this group of people, who’s opinion matters to you? Who really impacts your life and what does that mean to you?  The people we respect might include your family members, your friends, good co-workers, your dog (obviously) and our significant others. I’m hoping that the people included within this circle earnt your respect and would not judge you based on a medical condition. Within this circle, people don’t judge if you choose to wear a hair piece or not. They don’t judge that you look different or that you have thinning hair.The people you don’t respect are best left in the rear view mirror where they belong.  If they judge, so what. Their opinion doesn’t matter to you because they are gum on the shoe. It’s a reflection of who they are and not the state of your hair…or clothes, or car, or finances or anything else for that matter. People who would judge you for having a medical condition that just happens to be visible for all to see are life sucks. Bye Felicia.

People Don’t Really Care About Your Looks and Appearance

When I first got my CNC, I was really worried about turning up at work with what was literally hair 800% thicker. I was absolutely sure everyone would notice and I would be so embarrassed. I just wanted to look normal! I can tell you, absolutely not one person said anything. Did they notice? Maybe a very few astute people noticed, but what I can say is that even with the knowledge of my hair piece, within three days my friends couldn’t remember my hair looking any different. Release the fireworks! People just don’t really care about how you look. It’s true. You care… You care a lot! People are worried about their own insecurities and lists of things to deal with in life. Think about it – how much are you really thinking about Sharon’s eye wrinkles or Kate’s wide feet or Janna’s pimples? Maybe Kate is self conscious of her wide feet and won’t wear sandals. As a supportive person wouldn’t you say to her, “Kate wear what makes you feel good. No one is thinking about your feet!”. You would say it because it’s true! The same goes for you! Rock your hairpiece. Rock a hat. Rock extensions. Rock your CNC. Rock your thin hair. Do what make’s you feel comfortable and good because chances are that no one notices nearly as much as you think they do!

Rationalize Your Thoughts

Ok. So someone does notice you’re wearing a wig or is staring at your hair. Ask yourself, does this really affect you? Does it really matter to you? Remind yourself that it’s not that big of a deal in the scheme of life. Use it as a test of people’s character. If someone judges you because your hair is literally falling out of your head and is not growing back because of a health issue, then this is just not someone you want to spend time with.

Remember This is A Health Issue

You don’t need to reveal or explain your health issues to anyone. And remember that because it is a health issue, you don’t need to be embarrassed about it. You are not in control of your hair loss. What you are in control of is not letting it negatively impact your life.  We are all in this together. Reducing the stigma of hair loss is something that we are all moving toward. Remember you are amazing and beautiful. With hair. Without hair. In a topper. In a bonded system. In a wig. In a hat. Go live your best life!