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Ms J’s Blog №3: Day To Day Life With a Cesare Ragazzi

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We’ve been following Ms. J’s Cesare Ragazzi journey from consultation to application. This week we reconnect with her after a few months with her new system to get a look at day to day life with her new Cesar Ragazzi.

I have now had my CNC Cesare Ragazzi hair system for five months. I love being able to wear hats, flick my hair, play with different hairstyles, curl my hair and most of all I am not self-conscious of my hair in any way. That, people, is a blessing. My new hair has been amazing and allows me to live my active lifestyle.

I have had my system rebonded five times, and this process takes approximately 1- 1.5 hours. The system requires that every month you have your system removed, cleaned and your hair washed, and it rebonded to your head. It’s painless but necessary to have the system rebonded as the glue naturally dissolves and requires new glue over time. It feels great to have it freshly glued and conditioned. I leave the salon feeling like a million bucks.
When I first got my system, I wondered if I would find it an inconvenience to go to the salon every month. With thin hair, I dreaded going to the hair dresser. It wasn’t a treat. It was an anxiety-filled experience. With my new hair, I look forward to my time at the salon. I feel like I’m hanging out with friends (Juan and Robin are great) and I kick back, read a magazine and relax.

The Cesare Ragazzi has changed my life. Walking around with my beautiful hair, which feels like its part of me, has me feeling like a million bucks. My hair is beautiful and feels like me. I work out every day, and the hair system does great. It actually looks good after a work out because it’s not covered in sweat like hair is. I put it in a pony, and I’m good to go. I wash my hair as I would normally, being more careful not to tug on the system. I blow dry the top of the system, on a cool setting for three minutes and let the remaining hair air dry.

I swim, and no one can tell that it’s not my hair and it looks completely normal wet and dries well. No one has ever commented or noticed my system, and at a wedding, a lady commented that she wished she had my hair. My response “oh thank you, that’s so kind.” I have debated telling people I wear extensions but I made the personal decision to keep it to myself because it feels like it is part of me.

Let’s talk dating. I have been dating over the last few months, and I was apprehensive if he would be able to see the system, feel it or otherwise notice or comment on it. I will point out that I do not let him play with my hair because I’m concerned he will feel the system where it is attached to the top of my head. So far, he has not noticed the system. It really is undetectable. One of the greatest benefits of having it while dating is the freedom it gives me. In the morning, it’s a quick brush of my long hair, and I’m off. I no longer need to wash and blow dry my hair, add products and wear only a bun.
We have ridden bikes (helmets were a breeze), swam in the ocean, hiked and camped. Having the freedom to wear beanies and hats and remove them without needing to deal with flat, lifeless hair is great. Coming out of the ocean and not being conscious of my scalp is great. Camping and being unable to wash my hair for a few days and being able to put it up in a luscious ponytail or bun is great. It’s fun to play with different hairstyles and a timesaver to have wash and wear hair. It gives me a lot of freedom.

The system allows me and will allow you to carry out your life with very little maintenance and a great freedom to live your life and enjoy an active lifestyle. Some of the fun things that have surprised me over the last five months has been discovering that long thick hair takes much longer to dry, I go through shampoo at three times the rate and I required bigger hair ties!

If you are having any doubts or have any questions about the system, I urge you to contact the great team at Prodigy Hair Studio and make an appointment and discuss how they can help you.