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Ms. J’s Blog №2: The Fitting (Meeting JLo)

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In her latest blog “Ms. J” gives us a look into the next step of her Cesare Ragazzi journey; the fitting and application.

I was beyond excited for the day to come for my head measurements to be taken and to start the process of getting my new hair. I felt excited and apprehensive at the same time. Excited that the process was beginning and I was one step closer to my new hair system and apprehensive about what was really involved and if I would love it. I made my appointment for the fitting, and once I stepped through the doors at Prodigy Hair Studio, the team immediately put my mind at ease and answered all of my questions.

I was taken to my chair, and the team got started. We started with wrapping the top of my head tightly in glad wrap. Yes glad wrap, and yes it’s as unflattering as it sounds. It’s just your face and the top of your head wrapped like a ham leg! The wrap protects your hair and scalp as a mold of your head shape is taken. Once the plaster was applied, we chatted and waited for the plaster to dry.

Once dry, the mold and glad wrap were removed, and it was time to discuss what kind of hair I wanted and match the texture, color, and length of my existing hair. This was the fun part! Discussing how much hair I could have and all the available options was liberating. The system comes in three different densities ranging from 1 (the least density) to 3 (being the most density of hair). The team was helpful and pointed out that it would suit my face to have a density 2 at the front and transition to a density 3 toward the back of the system. I went for long hair and a color match to my own.
I was told it would take three months for my custom Cesare Ragazzi system to be prepared. I left the appointment feeling relieved and excited. Three months later I got the call that my hair (JLo) was ready for installation; I made my appointment to meet JLo.

When the day of the fitting came, it was a day of mixed emotions. This is the day that my deepest insecurity is addressed. Will I like it? Will it be comfortable? Is it really as versatile as it sounds? Can I work out in it? Will people be able to tell?

I walked into the appointment and took my seat in front of the mirror. My hair looked particularly thin and limp, and with that, I realized that I am fully committed to this process. I want to live my life without worrying about my hair. This had the potential to be true liberation for someone who worried about her thin hair continuously.Juan and Robin washed my hair and prepared JLo for installation. After tracing around the mold on my head, glue was carefully applied to the bottom of the Cesare Ragazzi and inside the traced area on my scalp. Carefully JLo was applied and stuck to the top of my head.It was so easy, completely pain-free and was done in under an hour.

So what did I think?

I squealed with delight. It looked incredible. I looked fantastic. The color was an exact match to my hair. The hair was soft, matched my existing hair density perfectly and the thickness of my new hair was something to behold. I looked like me, but with JLo hair and I couldn’t have been happier. I virtually skipped out of the salon.

  • Did I like it? I absolutely loved it.
  • Was it comfortable? While it does feel like there is something on your head, it is completely comfortable, and that sensation was gone after two days. By the end of the second day, I couldn’t tell it was glued to the top of my head.
  • Is it versatile? It’s absolutely versatile. I can wear it up or down, work out in it, color it, swim in it and wear hats. It’s the closest thing to having my own thick and luscious hair.
  • Can people tell? This is what I was most apprehensive about. I wondered if people at work would be able to tell if I am wearing a hair system or notice any change at all. To my absolute astonishment, only two people thought they noticed something different. One person asked if I had colored my hair. I lied through my teeth — “you know I did and thanks for noticing!” Another colleague mentioned that I looked great and something was different, to which I replied “Oh yeah. It’s my tan!” Humorously they replied “oh yeah! That’s what it is!”

My new hair must be, and I’m not exaggerating, 20 times thicker than my own hair and it is an amazing quality. I feel like it’s my hair. It also got the mum seal of approval. My mum couldn’t believe how much it looked like my hair and how fabulous it looked and we all know that Mum’s are the ultimate tellers of truth.

Looking in the mirror with my new hair felt like relief and excitement. I looked in the morning mirror and there I was with a full head of luscious beautiful hair. It felt incredible. It felt liberating. I was able to run my fingers through my hair and style it with ease and efficiency. In that moment I could not have been any happier with my hair, and I knew I had made one of the best investments in my life.

In the next article, I will detail my day to day life with the CNC Cesare Ragazzi system and how it has positively changed my life.