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Making the Decision: A Guys Guide to Great Hair Pt.1

  3.01.2018   prodigymulti   Uncategorized

One of our favorite clients Aadit offers us a look on how he made the decision to step into 2018 with a new spring in his step. Looking in the

Ms J’s Blog №3: Day To Day Life With a Cesare Ragazzi

  4.12.2017   prodigymulti   Uncategorized

We’ve been following Ms. J’s Cesare Ragazzi journey from consultation to application. This week we reconnect with her after a few months with her new system to get a look

Ms. J’s Blog №2: The Fitting (Meeting JLo)

  21.11.2017   prodigymulti   Uncategorized

In her latest blog “Ms. J” gives us a look into the next step of her Cesare Ragazzi journey; the fitting and application. I was beyond excited for the day

Essentially Erika №1: From Discovery to Invincibility

  1.11.2017   prodigymulti   Uncategorized

Alopecia Totalis affects 1 in 250,000 women. Finding answers and support can be a arduous journey, but it’s not one you’ll face alone. In our latest blog series our friend

Ms. J’s Blog №1: My Consultation at Salon Juan

  9.10.2017   prodigymulti   Uncategorized

In the first blog of her series, one of our favorite clients “Ms. J” takes us on her journey of purchasing a Cesare Ragazzi hair system. Lying on the couch

Alopecia Awareness Month : Getting and Staying Involved

  20.09.2017   prodigymulti   Uncategorized

This Saturday while watching a bit of trashy reality tv, I was (surprisingly) reminded that September is Alopecia Awareness month when one of the cast members wore a hat that

My Strength Comes From…

  16.03.2017   prodigymulti   Uncategorized

I’m so blessed to be in a career where I can help women with hair loss. It’s harder and harder for women to be accepted by society for having thinning